Thursday, May 6, 2010

Forecast on 4 Ps - Four Pillars of Democracy, Democratic India

Though Legislature, Executive, Judiciary & Press are considered as 4 pillars but I (personally) strongly disagree with that. Public is no pillar, that's why the other 4 are trembling without it's support. And, Judiciary can't be part of it... For, Law is Above All !

From my perspective, The four pillars have a sensitive, crucial, responsible &  dutiful role in a healthy democracy. All begin with 'P', and what are those?:
  1. Politics
  2. Press
  3. Police (consider including executive)
  4. Public
They together constitute democracy but  the astonishing facts are :
  • All these 4 Ps are no friends to each other
  • No P of these 4 trusts the other
  • Some of these Ps have a well formed nexus to crush or harass the other P or Ps
  • 3rd P is not occupying suitable place
  • 2nd P is deceitfully occupying this position
  • 4th P is always pathetic and awkward at that position
  • 4th P retains most of the 3 Ps - Power, Potential & Patience
  • 4th P has the ability to completely  reform the other 3Ps which take the top positions above it
The times are changing...
The Wheel of Creation Moves and takes its own course

The 2nd P will be the first to be rewarded with a suitable P
The 1st P will be the 2nd to be rewarded with a suitable P
The 3rd P will make a choice of Friends & Foes
The 3rd P will also make a choice - Perform or Perish
The 4th P still has some hopes on 3rd P

Guess! Which P am I?

Anyways, if any of the other 3 Ps feels enraged...
The other P or Ps may feel free to harass or crush me!

But my 6th Sense says this is going to happen
जय हिन्द! 
सत्यमेव जयते

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