Sunday, August 21, 2011

Among Four Pillars of Democracy in India - Indian Media Demeaning, Defacing, Fault Finder, reptiles always find a hole

I had written a post more than a year ago which was an alert for 3 of the four pillars of democracy i.e.
Politics, Press and Executive (mainly Police)...

Forecast on 4 Ps - Four Pillars of Democracy, Democratic India

I had an intuition from the divine sources and I expressed the same... Even to my surprise it happened the same way...

First media persons like Vir Sanghvi, Barkha Dutt etc. were exposed (for their lobbying activities in 2G scam)
Second, corrupt politicians like A Raja, Suresh Kalmadi, Kanimojhi, Dayanidhi Maran faced the music
At third, I had mentioned: Police will choose their friends and foes

Though Delhi Police committed a mistake: by first attacking on protestors, then arresting Anna Hazare. But the media is playing at the hands of corrupt politicians, using Delhi Police and misleading the public
which in my opinion a back-stabbing act by the media. Politically motivated media is trying to shoot 3 targets:
  1. Maligning The movement India Against Corruption
  2. Trying to further malign Delhi Police image by demeaning their report and to create a void between police and public
  3. Trying to dissuade public from coming forward in the movement against corruption

As per recent news by NDTV Delhi Police claimed that 35% crime has come down since the day sat on fast, indicating majority in movement are lumpen elements

  • In fact, thousands of policemen are pressed into service
  • Large number of people (already enthusiast against corruption) constant coverage by cameramen
  • A huge movement against corruption is enough to dissuade criminals to come out and carry out their activities
These are some realistic facts which do not raise doubt over what Delhi Police claimed 
    Its a warning for the reptile media which always finds a hole... this movement is at the call of Divine Powers... You can not change destiny scripted by God

    हवा तेज़ चलता है... टोपी सँभालो... उड़ जायेगा

    जय हिंद
    सत्यमेव जयते

    Saturday, August 20, 2011

    Jan Lokpal Bill - Jan Lokpal Bill – Standing Comitte Invites Memoranda, Trapped

    Refer to the notification regarding inviting memoranda containing views / suggestions from individuals / organizations interested in the subject matter of the Jan Lokpal Bill and also to hear select oral evidence on the subject matter of the bill

    The UPA government which has been functioning as a dictator and taking arbitrary decisions, appointed First Woman President completely ignoring the public mandate (refer the statement of Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, "Do not go by SMS polls and popularity ratings. The people of India don't elect the President, it is the elected representatives who elect him"
    Take a note that, people of India elected those representatives to voice their opinions at parliament and to take decisions in the interest, welfare and growth of the nation. Those representatives had no reluctance in taking undue advantage of the designation, privilege, rights and power which people of India granted having full faith in democracy. These representatives had cheated poor and innocent people of India and took arbitrary decisions at their own will and only in their vested individual or party interests.
    आप बताएं कि इन जन प्रतिनिधियों पर पद एवं अधिकार के दुरूपयोग तथा जनता के साथ विश्वासघात का मुकद्दमा क्यों नहीं चलाया जाना चाहिए

    Though there are many more references on record, but just this one is mentioned for the sake of lack of time. In the light of such past arbitrary acts of these representatives, the standing committe must first clarify how and why should people of India trust the honesty and transparency of this initiative of inviting memoranda from the public.

    If the government has really sincere, serious, honest and transparent views, it must first revoke the election of First Woman President, or ensure that the Election of President 2012 onwards will be by the people of India then talk about inviting memoranda from people of India.

    In fact, the government is of the ideologies that:
    People of India were gifted to 10, Janpath as economic slaves by british government at the time of Independence on day 15th August 1947

    Please furnish your reply within 7 days. Also take a serious note that:
    • Entire correspondence is published on various blogs, social sites and search engines across internet, keeping full transparency for the people of India whom the government is once again trying to deceive.
    • Concerned authorities will be declared Absconders in the event of non-reply

    जय हिंद
    सत्यमेव जयते

    Thursday, August 18, 2011

    Electoral Reforms - India Presidential Elections 2012 Notice to Election Commission

    Following is the correspondence with Election Commission of India

    The email sent to Chief Election Commissioner of India was also sent as CC to the given email address and all Chief Electoral Officers as well as to but the latter bounced back including from some more mailboxes
    The problem with the deaf authorities is:
    1. They are not even aware of whether their mailboxes are functioning properly. Several emails sent to the given email address were bounced back
    2. Most authorities believe they are doing their duty as best as they can but they don't even know what their duty इस
    This message is addressed to and CC: Chief Election Commissioner, Chief Electoral Officers of all states, Supreme Court of India and Delhi Police Commissioner. In future no message will be sent to non-functioning email addresses. Be informed that the movement towards electoral reforms is also started.
    1. Next presidential elections must be by the People of India, not by the electoral college
    2. Key Ministerial election by public
    3. Polling mandatory for all with additional choice as "None of These"
    4. An autonomous body as representative for those who vote for "None of These"
    5. Right to Recall
    Otherwise presidential election will be challenged in the courts. The above must be effective in the next state assembly elections as well.
    Election Commission must convey its notification in this regard before Sept. 2nd 2011
    जय हिंद
    सत्यमेव जयते

    All fellow Indians are requested to refer this to friends, social sites and to send the copy of the same by post to Election Commission of India and Supreme Court of India
    Must read the first notification sent to Election Commission of India on Aug 16th 2011:
    Following is the reply from Election Commission of India to the first notification:

    On Thu, Aug 18, 2011 at 2:16 PM, Election Commission of India wrote:
    Kindly refer to your mail addressed to Dr. S.Y.Quraishi, Chief Election Commissioner of India. In future you may send your feedback on this email id only.
    Thank You

    Monday, August 15, 2011

    Independence and Democracy of India, Notice to Election Commission on Electoral Reforms

    Dear Sir,

    Please review the attached document which is the copy of a letter from ex Chief Election Commissioner to The Prime Minister of India, sent on July 5 2004.

    You are requested to publicize the following:

    1. Why this letter should have been written to The Prime Minister who is supposed to contest election?
    2. Does it seem to be logical that the candidates are requested for the needed reforms in the examination?
    3. It may be constitutional but if it is so, then it is quite ridiculous and illogical procedure
    4. Its been 7 years since this letter was sent what steps have been taken by you for the electoral reforms proposed by your Election Commission?
    5. Did the first sikh prime minister ever bother to reply to the same?
    6. What was the correspondence held on the subject?
    A sincere and timely reply would strengthen the trust people of India have in the democracy.

    Should concerned authorities be declared ABSCONDER in the event of No-reply within 15 days?
    जय हिंद
    सत्यमेव जयते
    Email To: Chief Election Commissioner, CC: Chief Electoral Officers of all states, Supreme Court of India, Delhi Police and many more

    Sunday, August 14, 2011

    on India Independence Day economic slave challenging constitution, finance minister - support Anna Hazare India Against Corruption

    Mr. Finance Minister,

    You said Anna Hazaare challenging the constitution...

    I am a common man, not associated with India Against Corruption, not a great personality like Anna Hazaare and not an influential person like you... yet

    I openly challenge the electoral process... and the mandate you parliamentarians, including the first sikh prime minister and the first women president have. Your UPA government has only 13% votes at most...
    Be realistic about the facts Mr. Mukherjee

    Those who did not cast their vote, they are more than 50% in figures. For many years they have been completely ignored by the parliament, by the election commission and by The Supreme Court of India as well...

    If the system did not care for them, how does any act apply on them?
    How and why are they liable to pay taxes (read your salaries)?

    How and why do you have any right to rule over them?

    And even those who did cast their vote, had only elected Municipal Councillors, MLAs and MPs... they had not elected ministers, finance minister, first sikh prime minister and the first woman president... All of them deceitfully became ministers, prime minister or first woman president... their election is unconstitutional.

    by the way don't forget to review this post once again which was published more than a year ago...

    Forecast on 4 Ps – Four Pillars of Democracy, Democratic India

    and its happening the same way... The fate of all has been scripted by the Divine Souls... Nobody can change it

    जय हिंद

    सत्यमेव जयते
    This message was sent by email to finance minister and CC: Chief Election Commissioner, Chief Electoral Officers of all states, Supreme Court of India

    Saturday, August 13, 2011

    democracy of India - On Independence Day, Economic Slaves must join India Against Corruption

    This is exclusively published to show the global image of India to the Hon'ble Authorities of Supreme Court of India who are indirectly responsible for this Contempt to Mankind and the so-called shameless authorities of this crippled system who are directly responsible for this Contempt to Mankind

    Recently I found a website displaying images of Indian poverty (read Economic Slaves of India). You would be thinking we have been such images for many years so why did I write the same again.

    India gained independence... This is an Official & Historic fact

    But it didn't become free from the Ideology which the new rulers inherited from British rule and are obsessed with the same ideology even after 64 years...  Independence was only a shift from British Rule - to - 10, Janpath.  This is another fact.

    Correct interpretation would be, "Out of frying pan, into the fire."

    Review the following images and don't miss until the last one:

    Eating at the dump - Shame to the inhuman society

    Future of The Nation

    Future of The Nation

    Future of The Naiton - delighted to find something

    Their hopes are in waste

    Future of India - happier than swiss bank account holders

    Burning Within - A warning for the inhuman being - Wish he grows up as a dutiful citizen

    5 valuable votes for rahul gandhi

    Eating at the dump - Shame to the inhuman society

    India has less inflation as compared to other foreign nations
    - India Finance Minister

    Politicians snatched his food

      आम आदमी के बदते कदम... हर कदम पर भारत बुलंद
    aam aadmi ke badate kadam... har kadam par Bharat buland

    भारत निर्माण का सपना बुना... तरक्की हुई कई गुणा !
    Bharat nirmaan ka sapna buna... tarakki hui kai guna

    भारत निर्माण का सपना बुना... तरक्की हुई कई गुणा !
    Bharat nirmaan ka sapna buna... tarakki hui kai guna

    भारत निर्माण का सपना बुना... तरक्की हुई कई गुणा !
    Bharat nirmaan ka sapna buna... tarakki hui kai guna

    भारत निर्माण का सपना बुना... तरक्की हुई कई गुणा !
    Bharat nirmaan ka sapna buna... tarakki hui kai guna

    India spends at least 5% life while standing in queue

       एक माँ के कलेजे के टुकड़े... राहुल की सत्ता की सीदी

    भारत निर्माण का सपना बुना... तरक्की हुई कई गुणा !
    Bharat nirmaan ka sapna buna... tarakki hui kai guna

    भारत निर्माण का सपना बुना... तरक्की हुई कई गुणा !
    Bharat nirmaan ka sapna buna... tarakki hui kai guna

    भारत निर्माण का सपना बुना... तरक्की हुई कई गुणा !
    Bharat nirmaan ka sapna buna... tarakki hui kai guna

    भारत निर्माण का सपना बुना... तरक्की हुई कई गुणा !
    Bharat nirmaan ka sapna buna... tarakki hui kai guna

    भारत निर्माण का सपना बुना... तरक्की हुई कई गुणा !
    Bharat nirmaan ka sapna buna... tarakki hui kai guna

    Eating at the dump - Shame to the inhuman society

    Eating at the dump - Shame to the inhuman society

    Dogs can get better food in India

    भारत निर्माण का सपना बुना... तरक्की हुई कई गुणा !
    Bharat nirmaan ka sapna buna... tarakki hui kai guna

    A picture by a well known columnist mayank austen soofi... who has got copyrights protected? mayank or filckr?

    Adding to the woes of Indian poverty, somebody either filckr or mayank has copyrights reserved for this last image which is published on this website:

    This fellow called mayank austen soofi is a columnist of hindustan times and rediff... well known sycophant media of 10 janpath

    Isn't it a slap on the face of 64 years of Independence of Mother India?
    Whom do you think is responsible for this? Those who copyrighted this image or
    Those who put people of India in such conditions?
    Refer this post to people you know and join hands against this crippled system...
    We must do our duty for the nation before its too late...
    This crippled system does not understand the peaceful protests...
    It must be challenged in the courts now

     लातों के भूत बातों से नहीं मानते

    Wednesday, August 10, 2011

    Corruption in India, on Independence Day an Economic Slave Challenges corrupt System

    Attn: Mr. Puranik and all the recipients

    Why don't you reply now? and why are you not filing the contempt to court case?
    अब साँप सूँघ गया सबको?
    Consider this as a 30 days notice... if your client ICICI Bank does not file contempt to court case against me, I shall be free to take action and do justice myself (since I find no responsible and dutiful authorities willing to have a serious concern towards the nation and it's citizens)

    I am fearless and this message is my challenge to this crippled system
    Because I do not believe in strikes, dharna, rally, traffic disruption, jamming rail tracks, setting buses afire, riots and killings

    This crippled system is exactly like Kancha Cheena & Co. इसका कान साला कच्चा काँच की तरह है... सुनता नहीं है इसको
    And what this Chief Election Commissioner states, "If you don't vote, don't crib about govt: CEC"
    Its an absent minded statement...
    मतदान कन्यादान जैसा ही है... If a voter doesn't find a suitable match for his daughter (Vote), its better that the Vote stays bachelor

    What our First Sikh Prime Minister states,
    कभी कहता है रबी की फसल तक महँगाई कम हो जाएगी
    कभी कहता है खरीफ की फसल तक....
    कभी कहता है मुझे समझ में नहीं आ रहा महँगाई क्यों बढ़ रही है...
    कभी कहता है मैं ज्योतिषी नहीं हूँ....
    I wonder... is he really highly educated and experienced economist, ex-governor RBI and ex-finance minister?

    What our First Woman President states, "भ्रष्टाचार देश को खोखला कर रहा है"
    She is telling the problem to the nation which even a kid already knows....
    If our leaders do not have solutions... they should keep quiet instead of releasing such silly absent minded statements
    ज़ख्मों पर नमक न छिड़कें

    What about Delhi Police... Took no action on prior feedback sent on 26/11 Mumbai terror attack,
    ( )
    and inaction on several other complaints but demonstrated exemplary promptness in taking action against protesters... Any doubts about delhi police playing at the hands of corrupt politicians?

    And me (read arjun) raising this question before Supreme Court of India (read pitamah):
    What is the difference & relationship between Policy (Act) and Justice?
    I have a very long list of hundreds of questions which follow this first one
    64 वर्षों से भारतमाता का चीर हरण होता रहा और आपने कुछ नहीं किया
    कहीं ऐसा न हो कि धर्म की रक्षा के लिए फिर महाभारत हो जाए और पितामह को शर शैया पर लेटना पड़े...
    (Above statement must not be interpreted as a threat of violent moves... I am Ashok)

    Save the faith people have in Judiciary... A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

    I hope this message is fit for contempt to court case now.... Come on... Act now!

    इधर जंगल का क़ानून चलता है... हर ताकतवर अपने से कम को मारकर जीता है... मारकर

    मेरी नज़रों में यह सिस्टम एक चर्बी वाला कारतूस है... और मैं इसे मुँह लगाने से इन्कार करता हूँ

    जय हिंद
    सत्यमेव जयते 

    देहि शिवा वर मोहे एहै शुभ कर्मन ते कबहुँ न डरों
    न डरों अरि सों जब जाई लरौं निश्चय कर अपनी जीत करों